Field Glass - A New Modern Living Experience at Predator Ridge for Wesbild

By: Tak Yukawa 09.18.2021

FAC has recently launched Fieldglass at Predator Ridge in the Okanagan for Wesbild. The project is a new phase of townhomes and duplexes - Terrace and Fairway Homes. The homes were designed with a distinct Okanagan aesthetic, centred around creating unique indoor/outdoor experiences.


The goal for the project was to create a brand position that conveyed the 24/7 lifestyle at Predator Ridge for a new generation of home owners. The creative concept for Fieldglass was to create an experience that celebrated and observed the dynamic beauty of the land, lake and sky.

Our Responsibilities: Strategy and Positioning, Naming, Presentation Centre, Website and Marketing Signage

Notable Collaborators: Quarterhorse (Presentation Centre Install)


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