A Shared Passion for Storytelling. Collaborative work with Tiny Vikings

By: Tak Yukawa 09.14.2021

It’s a unique creative challenge to bring a brand to life through motion and animation—to capture its culture and perspective with powerful storytelling. For a number of years, Free Agency Creative has had the pleasure of collaborating with Tiny Vikings, a Vancouver-based creative animation and motion studio with deep experience across film, television, design and engineering. During this time, we’ve partnered with founder Terry Mcwhirter and co-director Geoff Hunt to create work for clients like Rize Alliance, Townline Developments, and most recently, Cressey Developments.

We first met Terry and Geoff through their parent rendering company, Vividus. With unparalleled attention to detail and pursuit of quality, they bring a true passion to our collective work, with an emphasis on placemaking and culture. The symbiotic partnership has allowed us to harness each studio’s strengths in a cohesive, collaborative effort: Our latest project, “A Shared Passion for Storytelling,” is a testament to Tiny Viking’s ability to elevate brands through emotive experiences, deepen our concepts of story and place—and bind them to the powerful architectural renderings produced by Vividus.

Edited by Rachel Smith

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