Marine Landing

Wesbild Holdings Ltd 2022

Ground floor industrial, ripe for a new look.

Well-timed as Metro Vancouver was grappling with a 1% industrial vacancy rate and high demand, Marine Landing introduced a new product to the market: two, six-storey stacked industrial and office buildings at 170,000 square feet each, with flexible strata workspaces ranging from 600 to 34,000 square feet. Our challenge creatively was to both introduce a new way of understanding industrial design, and evolve an assumption that commercial and industrial live separately.

To illustrate the office design, we worked with Edit Studios to select a group of prototype businesses from coffee shops to architectural firms. With these test fits, we developed program renderings that showcased the ease of operating out of Marine Landing. The variety of prototypes were selected to further punctuate the functionality of these mixed-use spaces across several industries. The renderings incorporated key selling features including a rooftop patio, lounge space for meetings, and full kitchen amenities.

In an effort to educate the market on the practicality of having a multi-floor industrial building , we partnered with Tiny Vikings and created a series of videos that would showcase the blended model in action. The animated shorts included visuals of oversized elevators and extra-wide corridors, while demonstrating with traveling trucks the ease of navigating well designed loading bays. The projects sold out and Marine Landing is now known for this unique offering in the marketplace.

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Video
  • Website
  • Content Creation

Copywriting: James Dolan
Interior Design: Edit Studios
Presentation Centre: QuarterHorse
Renderings: Elephant Skin
Website Development: Colony Digital

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