Cushman & Wakefield 2022

History of craft and community, preserved.

The name Assembly was chosen to reflect the collective that came together with a common goal to put intention and energy into one of Vancouver’s most historic and charming neighbourhoods. If done beautifully, the project would integrate the maker culture distinct to Strathcona with urban living through a blend of artistic elements and storytelling.

Assembly was the prototype for the ultimate live-work lifestyle. The site was minutes from downtown Vancouver while being situated on a residential street with views of the neighbourhood school, park, and North Shore mountains in the distance. The mantra we put forward “Live Together, Work Together” drove the creative vision. Limited by an existing warehouse to bring the sales center to life, we worked in partnership with Ste. Marie Studio to create vignettes layering on design elements like a custom door, and feature lighting. Inside the sales center, we imagined into fruition a collection of moments that would introduce makers local to Strathcona and display their craft.

Unique to Assembly, illustrations of people bustling about the project brought the sales catalogue to life. This graphic element offered a relatable charm that complemented renderings of the courtyard townhomes, condos and ground-level merchants. Larger scale art including a mural by Ola Volo will be integrated into the final design. Assembly quickly gained buzz throughout the Vancouver community well before the sales center opened and the project sold out without time for the website to launch. The energy and curiosity have maintained with a dedicated following of architects, designers and community members watching closely as this project comes to life.

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Video
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  • Product
  • Content Creation

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