Light House

Aragon Properties 2020

It was more than two decades ago that Aragon Properties acquired a large piece of riverfront property in Port Royal, New Westminster. Over the years, they designed and built homes in this community that encapsulate their commitment to forward-thinking development—and Light House is one of these stand-out projects. Because of the company’s foresight 20 years ago, they had the flexibility to invest more in these homes, bringing a new standard of modern design to the community.

The loft-inspired designs at Light House made the best use of the design opportunity, and architects for the project created bright, spacious floorplans that were tall and wide instead of narrow and deep. This meant that each home had abundant natural light, a feature that was front and centre in the project marketing. The brand celebrated the interplay of dark and light and helped tell the story of Aragon’s continual push to innovate their offering. Elevated photography and videography drew inspiration from the history of modernism and helped showcase the way these lofts harnessed natural light as a design feature.

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