Century City

Century Group 2022

Century Group, a developer with a mission to connect people through urban agriculture, partnered with us to bring their master-planned community in Holland Park, Surrey to life. Century City connects Holland Park and King George through a privately owned public greenway and incorporates urban agriculture as a fundamental focus. Privately owned public spaces are becoming the norm in the relationship between cities and developers.

We began by creating a cohesive story for the community, focusing on the four critical elements of Century City: neighbourhood, development, master plan, and culture. We then developed an extensive and layered naming and brand positioning strategy, unique to the specific mandate of Century Group's urban agriculture focus. This naming strategy included naming the masterplan, the central public space, the rental tower and the core food and beverage spaces.

One of the notable deliverables of the project was the presentation centre, a one-of-a-kind, full-working greenhouse designed in collaboration with Ste. Marie Studio and installed in collaboration with Quarterhorse Solutions. The greenhouse served as an impactful platform to illustrate the many important concepts, allowing visitors to visualize the life they could live in the community in a very unconventional way.

Century City showcased our capability to execute a multilayered project on an epic scale with end-to-end client engagement and strong deliverables, including the website design, print and sales materials, all with a consistent story and vision. This guaranteed that placemaking and cultural storytelling was accomplished, all while ensuring consistency throughout all deliverables via brand stewardship.

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Website
  • Interactive
  • Content Creation

Client: Century Group
Presentation Centre: QuarterHorse

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