O2 Metrotown

Keltic Development 2022

O2 Metrotown-

With an increasing demand for healthy living in Vancouver, O2 Metrotown offers 285 health-inspired residences, from studios to three-bedroom homes, where wellness is integrated into every aspect of living.

Keltic Development x MLA Canada reached out to FAC to support the residential project, which includes state-of-the-art health tech including steam showers with aromatherapy reservoirs, superior water filtration, and dedicated air purification systems in every home.

To accomplish this vision of first-class home wellness, our team created a research-driven communications strategy with a heavy focus on brand affinity that was then executed through tactile design, digital design, spatial design, and brand stewardship. The objective was to provide the sales team with a clear project narrative that would help them introduce a distinctive and recognizable brand identity to the market, imbued with an upscale hospitality tone.

At FAC, our best work comes from taking the time to connect deeply to a project vision. We thrive when we’re able to go beyond the service, style, and marketing to actually tell real stories that are rooted in the uniqueness of a project, and what the client is actually trying to do. That’s why, after taking the time to deeply understand the vision for this particular project, we were able to support Keltic in building their own sub-brand called KelticWellness, which will continue beyond O2 to help Keltic claim a bigger stake in wellness innovation.

On the promotional aspect, we worked with Rapid Signs on the exterior signage, as well as Quarterhorse Solutions for the presentation centre. During the extensive process of innovation, we were fortunate to act as brand stewards, coordinating all aspects of the project and ensuring its cohesive execution.

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Website
  • Interactive
  • Content Creation

Presentation Centre by QuarterHorse

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