Esquimalt Town Square

Aragon Properties 2020

Cultivating a community core.

Clarifying a plan to revitalize Esquimalt’s town core was the township’s priority. To strike the balance just right, we wanted to build a vision that would carry forward the legacy charm for existing members of the community, while introducing newness in structure and energy to the growing town. Also integral to the vision was grounding it in Aragon’s core pillars to ensure a strong and trustworthy arrival into a new market.

We landed on the mantra ‘Together’ to be the underlying drumbeat; the community-driven theme was unanimously received by town counsel and attracted the Mayor’s support. ‘Together’ laid the groundwork for later community activators like art walks and food truck festivals, both extensions of the concept early on. Cemented partnerships with the Mayor and architect-led to a warm welcome community-level.

The collection of 68 ocean-view condos and 34 rental apartments became a hub of activity with retailers on the ground floor. Beyond the production of all video, print and digital collateral, we were able to protect the integrity of the vision despite multiple groups of stakeholders, and showcase the magic that unfolds when creative clarity is envisioned from the start.

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Video
  • Website
  • Interactive
  • Product
  • Content Creation

Copywriting by Frances McInnis

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