Infinity Properties 2020

Panorama Ridge in South Surrey is known for its amazing views, and the neighbourhood is dominated by traditional single-family homes. When Infinity Properties set out to build in the area, there was an opportunity to highlight the walkable, livable aspects of the location and propel the community forward in the process. The concept behind Eastridge evokes a creative urban character—and ultimately inspired the design for the homes themselves. FAC began thinking about how we could set the project apart, not just through branding, but with the built form. Infinity then reimagined the architecture to build a completely new offering: a rancher-style townhome that’s wide and spacious instead of narrow and tall.

The modern farmhouse aesthetic for this project combines industrial elements like metal roofing and mullion windows with more rustic features like shiplap siding. Main floors feature soaring 20-foot ceilings that feel spacious like single-family homes. With such a unique product offering, the brand for Eastridge needed to balance seemingly opposed ideas: industrial and rustic, traditional and progressive. The wordmark for the project had a resort-inspired feeling designed to suit Infinity’s new contemporary logo, while the brochure combined a unique peach cover with large metal rivets. The presentation centre featured contrasting elements with a rolled steel table as the centerpiece of a farmhouse-inspired design. FAC also incorporated a stylized topographic map across various aspects of the project to celebrate the landscape and unify the deliverables.

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Website
  • Interactive

Photography: Adam Blasberg
Presentation Centre: QuarterHorse

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