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Aquilini Developments 2019

The Aquilini Group is one of the most diverse and prolific business entities in Canada. From sports to agriculture to real estate, this family-owned operation has left its mark on the city of Vancouver in a number of different ways. FAC had previously developed strategy and branding for the Aquilini Investment Group that foregrounded their philosophy: with so many businesses across various industries, we proposed the term “full-circle thinking” to communicate the myriad ways they shape the community. When the Aquilini development team asked us to support on their website, we set out to create something distinct yet cohesive. We had a new opportunity to showcase the full-circle culture in action—and tell the story of their broader expertise coming together to create a better development company.

Rather than leading with hero images of their impressive catalog of projects, we focused instead on their community involvement. We created a different look and sensibility for the development website with images that spoke to the holistic lifestyle story. Large, mural-like illustrations gave context to the work they do, and a thoughtful colour palette referenced the larger Aquilini brand. FAC also took the opportunity to celebrate the 40-year legacy of this family business—which is evident in the strong community relationships they have built throughout the years.


Photography by Adam Blasberg

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