Anthem Properties 2020

Portside is a family of neighbourhoods with an ambitious scale: 170 heritage-style townhomes and duplexes located along the riverside in Queensborough, New Westminster. The community sits along the northern side of the Peninsula on an old shipbuilding site. The industrial history of the location was balanced with natural elements, including walking paths and waterfront programming, and Anthem also plans to restore the waterfront and add a walkable dyke along the riverfront. Importantly, this project represents a new type of community and architectural design that respects and elevates the industrial heritage of the area. Anthem’s vision helped celebrate the historic character of this area with simple, saltbox-inspired forms, vaulted ceilings and lifting windows.

Portside is a true riverside village—and a meaningful, new chapter for the neighbourhood of Queensborough. It embodies a deep reverence for both the life of the riverfront and the lives of homeowners. The name and tagline, "An Emerging New Spirit in Queensborough," acknowledge the strong sense of place along the river's edge while also embracing the industrial, working character of the area. The design concept conveyed the proximity to the water, beginning with a logotype with the bottom of the letterforms sheared off. FAC also created four main pillars for the design and styling: the vibrant river spirit, an elevated new chapter on the river, craftsmanship and restoration, and the industrial riverside experience. These came through strongly in the lifestyle photography campaign. A unique brochure used the aesthetic and industrial concept of the black rope, which also served as handles when it was closed. We carried the black rope through to the retail experience as well, creating a cohesive experience along touchpoints.

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