Rize Alliance 2018

The Terminal District is one of Vancouver’s next great neighbourhoods, concentrating the region’s most forward-thinking industries inside a thriving hub in the False Creek Flats. It is connected to other emerging areas, like the Innovation District and St. Paul's Hospital District, and its location near False Creek means it has excellent access to Terminal Skytrain Station and other public transit.

Built at the heart of this exciting community is Onyx by Rize Alliance, a AAA commercial building with retail on the ground floor. MCM Architects designed the building to spiral skyward and genuflect around and away from the Skytrain rails, showing a deep appreciation for the way the neighbourhood moves. The name reflects the bold, dark and rectilinear architecture—and the stylistic and graphic design direction followed suit. To complement the stenciled, straight-lined logotype, subtle gradients were used on black to emulate the dimensional, hard surfaces of the building. The campaign tagline, "A New Form For Inspiration," connected Onyx’s innovative design with the values of the ideal businesses and industries that would call the building home. The brand video became the focal point of the campaign and project by showcasing the dynamic energy of the Terminal District and the growth plan of the surrounding area. Our team created a unique look inspired by the design of the brand and the architecture from MCM Architects. We then partnered with Tiny Viking Studios, who helped demonstrate the exciting trajectory of this emerging neighbourhood by custom-building an entire animated city from scratch.


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