Cressey Development 2020

Format is proudly located in Cedar Cottage on Vancouver’s East Side—but the story for this project is also about a larger platform that would nurture an evolution for Cressey and spark a revolution for Greater Vancouver. The developer wanted to do something different: champion open, flexible floorplans that give homeowners an open canvas to create. In addition to providing adaptable living spaces, Cressey also created a "Kit of Parts," allowing buyers to choose from a collection of custom-built furniture to customize their homes. To enhance and celebrate these elements, FAC created a positioning platform that incorporated retail and product concepts
 into the narrative.

We named the project Format to establish the concept of the living spaces as a foundation for a new life. The tagline, "A New Living Concept by Cressey. For Vancouver," conveyed the developer’s commitment to improving the living experience for the whole city. The product concept began with the tagline, "An Open Platform to Create," and was rounded out with three design pillars: Form, Flexibility and Balance. Each design pillar allowed our marketing to address key stories, like the neighbourhood, product design and overarching living concept. Through each core brand pillar, we were also able to challenge the norms in the home building industry.

FAC created a video series with two marquis videos, along with shorter clips for social media and digital advertising. The first video firmly established the "Open Platform" concept, while the second unpacked the concept of the "Kit of Parts." We took a clever, retail-inspired approach to the narrative while expanding the style and look of the brand.

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Video
  • Website
  • Interactive

Photography by Adam Blasberg

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