Eighty One Wellesley

Aragon Properties

The Village is one of downtown Toronto’s most distinctive neighhourhoods. When Aragon Properties had the chance to build here, they had the goal to create something that felt like a natural extension of the existing community. The design for Eighty One Wellesley, which is located between two older buildings, responds to the character of the neighbourhood, and the project branding became about telling a community-focused story inspired by the residents.

FAC took an elevated, editorial approach in order to shine a spotlight on the unique aspects of the community. Multicoloured brochures had the look and feel of a limited-edition ‘zine, and a retrofitted trailer was converted to house the presentation centre. Typographic neon signs helped speak directly to the community and create a sense of experience for prospective buyer

  • Brand
  • Print
  • Environment
  • Website
  • Interactive

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