2021 Holiday Wrap – Urban Experience for the Holidays

By: Tak Yukawa 01.31.2022

Free Agency Creative recently launched “Urban Experience for the Holidays”, a creative collaboration with Hemlock Printers this past December.


Each year, Hemlock works with one North American design firm to create the visual concept for their annual holiday wrapping paper campaign. Having worked with Hemlock over the past few years, we were honoured to be approached for this project.

Our goal was to create a fresh approach to the holiday spirit while being connected and authentic to FAC's passion and commitment to our urban places and experiences. The entire team at FAC took part in brainstorming and ideation of the campaign. The resulting concept was “Urban Experience for the Holidays”, a series of 3 urban themes illustrated by 3 amazing illustrators: Sebastian, Tom and Christian.

Working with the team at Hemlock to bring each illustration to life on paper was a truly memorable and special experience for all of us at FAC. It was also a pleasure to work with Hemlock to connect our holiday concept to 6 charitable entities across North America.

Stay tuned for our full post. In the meantime, check out the post on the Hemlock Printers website. Hemlock Holiday Wrap

Notable Collaborators: Rachel Smith (Writing), Sebastian Abboud (Illustration), Christian Fowlie (Illustration), Tom Froese (Illustration)

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