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My Favourite Things: Coachella

By Brittany Cheyne / May 15, 2017

All the Genres.

This is my absolute favourite part of the festival. The artists' sets are short so every 30 to 40 mins you're teleported to a new stage, new music and new vibe. That is, if you don't end up spending all your time at the Beer Gardens between sets...because the Beer Garden vibe too, is like no other!



Every year Coachella commissions international artists to produce innovative and site specific works that take over and transform the Coachella grounds. This year did not disappoint, the installation pieces were larger than life in every aspect. They also came in handy when trying to find lost friends. 


Design is everywhere at Coachella. With a new artist performing every hour, all with different visuals, moods, and genres, the stage design took the cake for me. Whether you’re singing along with 100,000+ people at the main stage, or dancing your heart out in the depths of a DJ tent, your attention may be lost on the amazing visual experience each stage has to offer.  

One of my favourite stages was the new Antarctic Dome, which is a 360° audio-visual sensory experience housed inside a large-scale projection dome. It takes you on a mind-blowing psychedelic journey through time, space and consciousness. 

Pool Parties.

Waking up slowly, I rolled myself to the nearest pool where I spent every morning/early afternoon recovering from the day before. Sweating out all toxins, and refuelling for the day to come is a rite of passage when it comes to Coachella.

Meeting New People. 

Good music, food, drinks, and sun puts everyone in the best mood making Coachella is the happiest place on earth - which also made 99.99% of all new friend interactions the absolute best! 

Killer Tiny Fonts. 

Most people come to see the large font headliners of Coachella, and who can blame them with names like Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, and the one and only Lady Gaga? This means the 'tiny font' bands are usually surrounded by dedicated fans, on smaller, more intimate stages. Plus, there's also a higher percentage of being able to meet the artist after their set (like in my case, with my fave band Tacocat). This is why for me the tiny font artists are the ones that made my Coachella experience.

Sense of New (Temporary) Community. 

Coachella is not just a music and art festival, it’s a temporary community that comes and goes over the course of one short but very memorable weekend. 100,000+ people come together to enjoy music, art, sun, food, friends and/or whatever else helps blow off steam. This self built community is something can only be understood through experience that I personally think everyone should try at least once. 

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