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What does it truly mean to be Bold?

Bold Properties

We had the pleasure of working alongside the team at Bold Properties who threw down more than a mere brief, but a challenge. Can a simple question inspire a truly visionary brand? The solution was not be bold simply for bold sake, but to be BOLD in one's advocacy of Culture, Design and Technology. Therefore, we created a signature logotype for Bold that became a declaration of intent for a new energy and thoughtfulness in the way we design and build homes.


Being truly BOLD begins by putting people before product. Therefore, we positioned a “HUMAN-CENTRED” mantra at the core of the Bold philosophy - reinvigorating their internal culture, operationalizing their approach to design and technology, and prioritized how they engaged new communities.

BOLD 360.

For Bold, "Bold360" represents their human-centred approach to spatial design committed to delivering a truly rounded sensory experience. It was created as a holistic endeavor to connect our digital lives to the spaces we live in.

In addition to the creation of a unique logotype, the team at FAC was to tasked to expand and develop the language and visual platform of 360 to showcase this emerging connectivity in an engaging, urban lifestyle context.

A Series of
Bold Statements.

To accommodate an ever expanding ecosystem of future Bold projects and corporate initiatives, we created a flexible, unified identity platform. The overarching goal was to reinforce their core beliefs and corporate ID yet allow for individual expression of style and personality.