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Influence goes
both ways

We’re living in a time when the expectations on our urban communities has never been greater. We’re looking for more than just functional architecture, sustainable initiatives and reliable infrastructure. We're looking for richer, more meaningful URBAN EXPERIENCES, where a harmony is found between social responsibility and our own personal comforts of lifestyle, design and community.

We don’t just want a beer, we want a place to drink it with friends. For our generation, four walls and a roof simply won’t do anymore. We don't want to simply travel, we want to travel in style.

“Our most precious urban experiences are defined by how they influence us. How we live, how we buy, how we gather.”

We believe the creation of engaging Urban Experience should be an active, collaborative process. It will require a shared exploration of how STORY, BRAND and DESIGN influence our experiences by demanding more from our public/private spaces as well as traditional communication mediums. How we create it, build for it and sell it will be our a collective responsibility.

Influencing Urban Experience

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